Choices 360

We Have Choices 360!

Encourage your child to plan an education and career path with Choices® 360

Lackawanna High School is pleased to provide a new education and career planning service for students. Choices 360is an online program that helps your child explore education options, discover a wide variety of occupations, and make plans to achieve his or her goals -- from school or from home!

A motivated student who chooses a pathway is a more focused, achievement-oriented student. This passion and enthusiasm can lead to better study habits, better grades and greater course involvement.

Does your child have a solid plan for the future? Choices 360 helps students build effective plans quickly and easily with the Career Plan Builder in Your Portfolio. Your child can save as many plans as he or she desires while exploring all the options and finding the right career path.

Choices 360 provides effortless access to detailed information about more than 7,000 colleges, technical schools and graduate schools. There are even tools to help build impressive resumes, practice job search and interviewing skills, and much more.

The Basic Skills Survey shows occupations that may be good matches for the skills your child identifies. Students can also try the Interest Profiler to see occupations related to things that interest them.

Choices 360 offers many ways to learn more about yourself and your possibilities. Please encourage your child to ask about using Choices 360.

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