District Vision 

To educate and support all of our students in meeting or exceeding the New York State Learning Standards necessary to graduate from the Lackawanna City School District and to become contributing members of the community. 

District Mission 

All Faculty and Staff of the Lackawanna City School District will implement and continually refine a well-defined standards-based curriculum which is culturally responsive to the needs of all students in order to develop their academic knowledge and skills, educational and career pursuits, lifelong learning and social responsibility. 

School Vision 

Motivating minds for success in the 21st century. 

School Mission 

All in, every day, whatever it takes to succeed. 

Middle School Welcome 

You are now a Steeler with Steeler FRIENDS, and part of our Steeler COMMUNITY. We have Steeler Standards and a Steeler way of doing things. So when you make a DECISION be respectful, be responsible, be safe, and be kind in all you do.  

School Motto 

Middle School Matters 

School and District Mascot 

We are Lackawanna Steelers! You may occasionally see the Steelerman at a school event.  

School Colors 

Blue and Gray