Meagan Bender Staff Highlight Graphic
Lackawanna steeler man banner
Students stand with attendance awards and the Lackawanna steeler man
Black History Month display in LHS
High School Biology students
Omer Bitar staff spotlight graphic
Lackawanna steeler man banner
Veterans Day decorations students  created and posted on the board
E1B and LCSD Library graphic
Kevin Regueira Staff Spotlight graphic
High school band and chorus students play and sing with Buff State
Pumpkin Perfect Attendance graphic
LHS Afterschool Program flyer
Kids Escaping Drugs Presenter talks to high school students
Lackawanna Instagram Promotional News Banner
Lackawanna football team huddles together at pep rally
Boys varsity soccer ranking
Jenniger Springer Principal Spotlight
Lackawanna Middle School entrance decorated with balloons and posters for first week of school
Attendance Matters Flyer