Class works with new virtual reality tech

Ms. Coccionitti 8th grade classes were able to experience the district's first attempt to bring virtual reality into the classroom.  Students explored the Anne Frank house using the Oculus Two Meta VR glasses. Students were able to merge high-level technology with education under this amazing new piloted program. Our hope is to continue to improve on what we have learned so we can bring this to all middle school grade levels and content areas next year. This pilot would not have gotten off the ground if it was not for our continued collaboration with Erie 1 BOCES.  

Thank you to staff members at BOCES: James Dailey, Mike Taylor, Norman Johnson, Eric Benoit, Jon Shain, Matt Waite and Greg Ellis along with Lackawanna staff members Andrea Tamarazio (Principal of Technology, CIO & Data Privacy) and Lackawanna Middle School Principal Moustafa Khalil for helping to realize our preliminary goal.