Winning students stand with their rollercoaster "The Spider-Man"

The votes are in! Here are the winning rollercoasters in Mr. Merrifield's class.

Best Name: Daddy Long Legs- Olivia LaPaglia, Autumn Green

Teacher Voting:

3rd Place: Hoola Hoop- Hasan Saleh, Ayaan Ali, Dallas Prince (Not Pictured- Saqr Ahmed)

2nd Place: Rocky Roller Coaster- Isabella Gallagher, Tatiana Reyes, Kimary Rodriguez Agosto (Not Pictured- Jazell Jefferson, Sali Mohammed)

1st Place: Devil's Drop- Hailey Zuppa, Zariah Travis

 Student Voting:

3rd Place: Super Man- Hannah Yahya (Not Pictured- Maisa Mohsin, Halimah Al-Abbadi)

2nd Place: The Islamic Way- Abdulsalem Abbadi, Mohsin Mohsin (Not Pictured- Yakoob Abdulla)

1st Place: Spider Man- Rawan Alsabahi, Rawida Alfakih (Not Pictured- Saadia Rahman)