LMS Inventive Thinking Club stands in front of Buffalo Science Museum

The LMS Inventive Thinking Club took a field trip to the Buffalo Museum of Science. The group were tasked with a scavenger hunt to find different inventions or innovations displayed around the museum and to learn about their history and purpose. The field trip's goal was to inspire the students as they work on their own inventions. The Inventive Thinking Club challenges students to work through a six-step invention process as they ideate and create a solution to a pet peeve or problem. We hope to send all eight young inventors back to the Buffalo Museum of Science in April for the WNY Invention Convention! 

The club would like to give a special shout out to the Lackawanna Educational Extracurricular Foundation (LEEF) for covering the cost of each student for this educational experience! The students had a blast, and we are truly grateful.