WNY Invention Convention being held in the Buffalo Science Museum

Last Sunday, April 28, marked a day of innovation and creativity as students from the LMS Inventive Thinking Club, under the guidance of Mrs. Stalnecker, proudly showcased their inventions at the WNY Invention Convention held at the Buffalo Museum of Science. Among 175 participants from counties across Western New York, these young inventors displayed their ingenuity and passion for problem-solving across various categories such as originality, research-evidence and effectiveness.

One such invention was presented by Noah Pries, an 8th-grade student, who introduced "Aqua Police," a groundbreaking tool designed to assist individuals in learning how to swim effectively. Noah's invention not only demonstrated technical prowess but also highlighted the importance of innovation in addressing everyday challenges.

John Maddigan, a 7th-grade student, presented "Swing With Me," a portable baby harness for swings, showcasing both practicality and creativity in addressing the needs of parents and caregivers.

Razan Salih, a 6th-grade student, caught the attention of judges with her invention, "The Hide-Away Hijab." This innovative addition to the traditional hijab aimed to help women keep their hair covered more easily.

The event was not just about presenting inventions; it was a platform for students to hone their communication and entrepreneurship skills as they interacted with judges, explained their concepts and showcased their prototypes.

In recognition of their outstanding efforts, Razan Salih was awarded a gold medal in her category, and John Maddigan earned a silver medal.

Guided by STEM principles and the six-step invention process, our students have not only created tangible solutions, but they have also demonstrated the power of young minds to make a meaningful impact on society.

Congratulations to our LMS students who participated in this event!

Mrs. Stalnecker  stands with students John and Razan.Group of award winning students stands on stage of the event.John Maddigan stands with Swing With Me inventionStudent Razan Salih stands with Hide-Away Hijab invention.Student Noah Pries stand with Aqua Police invention.Judges visit Razan's invention table to review her invention.