student holding a fish

Middle School Fishing Club enjoyed another fishing adventure to Chestnut Ridge Reservoir this past Wednesday.  This trip was our tournament.  Fourteen members caught 75 fish, including bluegill, sunfish, black crappie and largemouth bass.  Three trophies are on order for our winners. Thomas Grunke took first place in the bluegill/sunfish category and Chris Tredo took first place in the black crappie division.  Chris Tredo was also named MVP Angler of the Year.  In addition to winning the black crappie category during the tournament, Chris landed the two largest fish this season, and offered pictures as well as reports for our Teams page throughout the season.   kid with fish 

Students were responsible, assisted each other as needed and enjoyed a beautiful day at the lake.  I couldn't be any prouder of this group of young anglers!